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Wednesday Night Zoom Meeting Message

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Wednesday Night Zoom Meeting Message - October 6, 2021

Title: Paul's First Message - Acts 13:13-52

At the end of the message why not spend time in prayer for the needs expressed to us as a church family, I did say I would pray for those watching by way of the website, YouTube or Facebook however I missed doing that on the recording and prayed later after the recording stopped.

This weeks Prayer Requests

- Someone has a friend who has contacted COVID

- Our churches in the Battleford's preach the Word and see many come to the Lord

- We find someone to install our sinks in the 4 bathrooms we have in the facility as part of our strategic plan to upgrade the building.

 Do you have a Prayer Request?

Please find under Contacts Us a Prayer Request form. We would love to pray for you and your need just fill out the form and send. 

Lord willing we will see you Sunday at 11:00am!