Club DJ is our church children’s club program designed for children from kindergarten to Grade 6. Our motto in Club DJ is ‘Hearts That Desire To Please God’ and our aim is to encourage children to have hearts that desire to please the Lord. We truly believe that if we would raise up a generation with such hearts that we would begin to see things happen in our nation that would have no explanation, except that God did it!


Club DJ is based on the covenant relationship between two friends David and Jonathan. We read about them in the book of I Samuel. David was a shepherd boy, the youngest in a family of eight boys and Jonathan was a prince, son of King Saul. Everyone would have thought that Jonathan would be king but God had other plans. Instead, God chose David to be the next king of Israel. You might think that Jonathan would be jealous, but instead, Jonathan made a covenant with David and promised to do all he could to help David become all that God wanted him to be. What a friend! Jonathan gave up all he had for David’s sake, and the Bible says David became a man after God’s own heart and that the Lord was with him.


We want the children to know they also have a Friend who gave up all He had to see them become all God wants them to be. Jesus, the Son of God, left His home in Heaven to come to earth as a little baby. He died and rose again to make a way for each child to have a personal relationship with Him, so they can become all God wants them to be. What a Friend!


Club DJ at Trinity Baptist Church runs from September to April and please call the church at 445-4818 for details as to cost, time and night.


Each club night consists of Bible stories, scripture memory program, Bible quizzing, take home Bible lessons, great crafts, fun games, and an exciting achievement awards program which includes the Club DJ Catalogue.


We invite you to join us in reaching children for Christ. Our desire is to see whole families grow in Christ and live their lives for God’s honor and glory.


More information on Club DJ can be found at www.clubdj.ca